ADLERWERKE Technologies

We make only what you really need. The purpose of our innovations is to protect your physical health, to improve your comfort during a ride, as well to help increase your achievements in the sport you love.

The new constructive solutions, implemented by the engineers at ADLERWERKE, allow you to take a look beyond the horizon of the present, where the future bike technology trends are born.

Ultra-compact bike carrier

  • The smallest and lightest carrier on the market - it can carry any type of bicycles.
  • Exceptional durability and optimum stability for the bicycles, provided by a 3-point attachment system - 3 possibilities to fix the rear of the bike to the carrier 1)to the back wheel 2) to the saddle 3) to the frame.
  • Extremely suitable for bicycles with carbon frames.
  • Lower fuel consumption, compared to conventional rail carriers, due to improved air dynamics of the flipped bicycle on the roof of the vehicle.
  • Accommodates up to 4 different size or type of bicycles
    Fast load and unload times.
  • Increased protection - transporting bicycles flipped on the roof of the car are much safer in case of accidental bumps.

Two Wheel Size

The 2WS (Two Wheel Size) concept combines in a new standard two contemporary mountain bike wheel sizes - 27,5” and 29”. This innovation solves the problem of the inherent shortcomings of these two wheel sizes, achieving a new and significantly better functionality, through harmonious alignment of many parameters which simultaneously provide good climbing and excellent downhill capabilities.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the new standard does not lead to increase in production costs thus its price is not different from analogically fitted 27,5” or 29” bikes.

The bicycles which are designed by the new 2WS standard allow for significantly more dynamic, aggressive and confident ride on variable and tough terrains, which makes them extremely suitable for competitors and adventure seekers alike.


ADLER “Vari-Wings” is a new generation saddle, utilizing the ultimate novelties in the production technologies, as well the advanced visions in the bicycle ergonomy.

The variable geometry of the saddle provides equally good adaptation to the male and female physics, and also the construction allows two riding regimes – sport (competition) and comfort (training).

Furthermore the unique grip design of this saddle ensures you have more control over the bike during extreme rides.


ADLER “Air-Grips” is an innovative pneumatic system, consisting of handle grips with chambers, which work as communicating vessels, connected with each other through  the  handle bar.

It is practically proven that the best absorption agent for vibrations arising from uneven ground surface is air inflated tires and tubes which are commonly used in automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles.

We utilize the same principle, which allowed us to eliminate the vibrations that are still present even after the tire and the suspension fork had done their job. In this way we solve the problem with fatigue build up and unpleasant sensations in the joints of the wrists during extended and extreme ride on uneven grounds.

We know very well that a better grip means better safety and better achievements in your competitions.