ADLERWERKE Bicycle Carrier - Eurobike 2017 - Gold Award Winner


The Philosophy of Adlerwerke

The ADLER bicycles are produced using precise manual assembly by highly qualified and motivated mechanics who are passionate riders as well. All of our workers are cyclist by heart and have a special relationship with cycling in general.

Our production style is one that is generally used for short series of boutique products and it is not common for mass line production which utilizes automated processes at many production stages, aiming at high production rate and lower price, often at the expense of weak quality control in the final product.

The quality of painting, assembly and alignment of all parts is at an exceptionally high level. Each and every bicycle passes through a triple independent quality check. Finally there's a test ride on closed track by our qualified riders who ensure the best working order of all the components of each bike. Eventually, after passing all the quality control checks and a test ride the bicycle is well isolated and goes into a carton box to leave for its destination to the client.

Along with the high quality of manufacturing we add unparalleled design in the spirit of the best German traditions of Bauhaus, perfect functionality and uncompromising reliability. The aim of our products is to deliver tremendous joy of riding a beautiful and robust machine for many years of hassle free operation.



Adler manages to keep ahead of the trends and introduce important innovations to the market year after year. Developed, tested and manufactured in Germany. It is this combination of traditional values and modern technology that enables us to offer everyone the perfect bicycle.

We make only what you really need. The purpose of our innovations is to protect your physical health, to improve your comfort during a ride, as well to help increase your achievements in the sport you love.

The new constructive solutions, implemented by the engineers at ADLERWERKE, allow you to take a look beyond the horizon of the present, where the future bike technology trends are born.


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The product range of the manufacturer of racing and trekking bikes as well as mountain bikes and accessories is presented with detailed information.

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